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(#27) "Последняя Надежда Ильича"
team game,
24.04.2022 / 19:00:00
Zone: Quest
Authors: Zink, Bruv, Eugenix, спящий кросафчег
Participation: free

Gift Offer

Dear sirs,


     Our professional team of authors, animators and actors offers you to order a quest for any special occasion. We have 4 years experience of conducting such events in London with a very wide database for different kind of quests. It could be kids birthday adventure, wedding quest or corporate event for team-building. You can share your ideas and our authors will make sure it will satisfy your expectations.

     To place your order please contact us via e-mail stating your preferred ideas/topics for the event, number of participants(persons/teams) and an exact date of the event. Please NOTE that preparation for some events might take up to a couple of months.

     The prices for events may vary, it depending on the clients wishes and on the elements to be used during the event. Events could be either by foot or by car. It could be held anywhere, but thansportation cost will apply accordingly.


     We strongly recommend you participate in groups/teams as it is so much more fun to do in teams and to share your individual skills and abilities with your teammates. It is even more interesting  if you can arrange at least two(or more) teams to participate at the same date, to compete with each other and you will have unforgettable memories.


e-mail for odrers:

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